My Website on Cloudflare Are showing Error

Hello Cloudflare team I have Two website
Some time I always see Cloudflare error page when I want to view the site.
It normally occur with the one of mostly than the other. Any help ?

There should be an error number on that page. Do you remember what it was? It’s usually in the 500 range.

I can’t remember sir what it normally show is that
DNS (good)
Ip address (Good)
Hosting (Error)

Could this be error from my host?

Hi @naijaoxfordng the 5xx errors that @sdayman mentioned are usually from the origin/host site. It’s important to note the number, if you take that and search :search:error number #CommunityTip” you’ll find tips with quick fix ideas to resolve. Here is a tip to all 5xx errors

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Thanks very much sir

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