My website not working since since 4 days

I have changed my nameserver from host Go Daddy 5 days ago to Cloudflare nameservers.After 12 hours,I have recieved an email from Cloudflare that I have to change my nameserver as a required action.The nameserver changed since 4 days ago, but the nameserver update is still pending and my website still not working.(ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS).
By the way, my DNSSEC is disabled and HTTPS is off as well. Please advise on that.
my domain is:

Hi, you could try checking this Community Tip:

It covers the most common cause for that error and how to fix it.

All the above mentioned is ok.SSL/TLS app changed to full (strict) and my origin server is already HTTPS on off mode.The issue still the same.

Full (strict) will only work if you have HTTPS enabled in your origin, with a valid certificate.
You can check if your origin is properly configured by pausing Cloudflare temporarily.


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