My website not working, ksarebl

hi everyone

since i add cloudflare to my website ksarebelfood dot com , i find out that my customers cant see our pages because its offline, i have tried to run vpn to other country and my website work fine, but not my country saudi arabia, also there is lot of traffic come to my website from Cloudflare , please help

Have you typed the domain correctly? is not registered

sorry for mistake, ksarebelfoods dot com

It appears to work okay for me

thank you for the fast respoend, its work in diffrents contries but not my country saudi arabia, after talking to hostgator support , they give me DNS PROPAGATION CHECKER website “dnschecker dot org”
to see where my dns working at, as you can see , saudi arabia pin not there , dont understand why

Checking the servers on DNS Servers in Saudi Arabia - Public DNS both work

% dig @	300	IN	A	300	IN	A


% dig @	300	IN	A	300	IN	A

However checking the server on this page shows an error

% dig @
;; connection timed out; no servers could be reached

This suggests an issue with that DNS, not an issue with Cloudflare or your setup.

how i solve this? any idea?

If it is an issue with a specific DNS server, you can’t fix it—at least not personally. Whatever the issue is, it will get resolved in time.

thank you so much for your help , its work now , best regards

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