My website not showing ssl

Hello sir, My website is not showing ssl. I replace nameserver of my hosting with cloudfare nameserver, and then its start showing ssl on my website. But today it starts showing 533 error. I talked with godaddy and they said I have to clear cache. I cleared all cache but problem still exist. Then I download ssl certificate and add it on my server. Now my website show privacy error. Please help me as soon as possible.
here is the link of my website.

The certificate is correctly in place, however it will only work in a Cloudflare context.

Your domain currently is not on Cloudflare. You need to properly set the nameservers again and need to make sure they are proxied. Once that is done you should be good to go.

Do not change anything about the certificate on your server, that is correctly configured right now.

Hello sir,
I am using cloudfare ssl on my website I replaced my nameserver with cloudfare nameserver. But now its start showing 523 error whenever I opened my website. Now, I download ssl certificate and add it in my server. but my website not opened with ssl. Its show privacy error now.
Please help me as soon as possible. I am unable to contact with cloudfare customer support or chat support.
Please help me so that my website open with ssl.
Thanks in advance

Now, you have set the right nameservers, but have you set the right IP address on Cloudflare? The error message would suggest you havent.

Thanks for reply. Please tell me how to set IP on cloudfare?Please try to open my website, you will get the error message.

The search and #Tutorials has all that information.

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