My website not opening

i need a help
my website not opening, i see this on the internet explorer:

  • i contact the support on my hosting. they told me that my website is working good, and he send to me a screenshot
  • i have SSL from my host (hostgator)

but my website is not working till now
i used only ( speed ) and ( cache ) on cloudflare

Which version of Windows and Internet Explorer?

windows 10 , firefox and chrome
i asked my friends to open my website. it’s not opening there too in my country ( Palestine )

i used speed and cache. and my site become faster. i dont remember if i did another thing

i try now on microsoft edge i see this: TLS maybe old or not safe

It’s working everywhere I’ve tried, and with my own browsers.


but still not working here till now… what can i do?

my country is blocked or what!

Maybe your government or ISP try man-in-the-middle attacking TLS connections?

Maybe you can ask someone from a different ISP…

I can tell you it works from Israel, but if “” is your ISP, it does not seem your upstream traffic goes through us, rather than through TATA communications in Warsaw…

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i dont know what is the problem
i watched youtube again to fix it. or to see another sitteings. and it’s works now!!! yes my site is back again
i dont know what is happend! why stoped and then back

thax for everyone

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