My Website Not Opening For Hours Since I Changed

I changed my domain servers to Cloudflare’s own yesterday around 9:00pm and my website isn’t available yet.

May I Know Why??

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Could you please (if you don’t mind) share your website’s URL, so that we can see if there are any issues with it?


I would have dropped my website URL but it says I can’t post links

You can still post a domain name like: example COM

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mp3shot dot com dot ng

That domain does not seem to have the necessary DNS records:

I already chNanged my Nameserver

Understood. But your DNS records here are not complete. You need a DNS record here for your and

When you add a domain here, it needs to have all the DNS records from your current host added into your account here.

So how do i fix it because my site has been down for 24hours

You can try asking…

I already sent a message to them and they are yet to reply

Sorry, but there’s nothing we can do when you don’t have that information from your host.

This is an answer for those who may encounter this issue and also for the OP to note down.
In the case of moving Nameservers, please note down all of your current DNS settings.

Now, here’s the magic.

Set up the Cloudflare DNS settings to match your current ones before you change your nameservers to the Cloudflare ones. This is so that when the change occurs, your DNS details will be correct and point towards your current infrastructure. If you need to make changes within DNS, do so before changing your nameservers.

This is known as preparation, don’t skip it, it saves a lot of heartaches later.