My website looks a bit abnormal

I used hostinger virtual space to make a website and it works normally.
But after using Cloudflare (free), the opening is abnormally slow. What is the reason?
DNS has been modified
Cloudflare reminds me that my site is being protected
my site:
Is my setting wrong? Are the default settings.

Could you be more specific with how it looks abnormal? I just loaded it up and it seems fine here.

Thanks Reply

  1. Unable to access this website The response time is too long.
  2. Static resources are not cached
  3. Slow opening occasionally

The same server, the same settings, my other websites run very well, it feels very strange

In addition, why ping the website, not all broadcast

It loads fine for me but I’ve done a test at GTMetrix -

You have some pretty big images it also seems font awesome is taking a while to download (in that test it took 500ms)

You should also probably increase the Cloudflare and browser cache time. This would help a lot too.

Thanks for the reply, although I am not ideal here, I would like to ask why the picture is not cached

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