My website loads up too slow

My website loads up too slowly and the load time is too much even after i’ve checked all the settings perfectly

You’re loading over 120 images, for a total of almost 10MB. That’s going to be your biggest slowdown. I would recommend optimising these images (try Cloudflare’s Pro product, Polish, for one-click wins), or if that’s not possible, manually optimising and serving formats like avif, jxl, webp, etc. None of these images are lazy-loaded either, which could be a huge win - try adding loading=lazy to any images outside of the initial viewport.

Cloudflare can only do so much here. Your primary issue is just due to how much content you’re trying to load.

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but my website used to load up way much faster before since i purged my cache…I purged my cache once 4 days before, but the loadtime hasn’t reduced yet since that

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