My website just doesn't work!

alright i don’t know what’s the problem exactly but i found my website dosen’t work and i got this in the dashboard ( Complete your nameserver setup) with 2 steps to do so i go to my dns and i found it’s already changed but when i go to whois icann i found it the old one i so i don’t know what the problem exactly or what to do ?

Something is amiss, the screenshot lists “craig” and “dara” for nameservers but whois shows “jacqueline” and “pablo”

but since you registered through Cloudflare Registrar you can’t actually do anything about it

sounds similar to this thread, so take a look at it

Just to clarify, you only have one Cloudflare account, right? You didn’t register the domain through one account but are trying to set the domain up on another Cloudflare account?

Assuming there’s only one account it’s probably some weird Cloudflare issue like on the other thread.

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yes i look at it and i send to support ticket number is: [2516091] i wish i get some help this’s really annoying issue

ok they closed the ticket and say problem related to the dns couldn’t have support on free plans lol !
i opened another ticket and didn’t mention the dns to get help number is: [2516311] i really feel disappointed and regret to register my domain on Cloudflare will never do that again

when you see a prompt to replace cf nameservers with cf nameservers it always means there is a confusion with having the zone in two accounts.

In this case, the zone shows as pending in one account and purged from another…@moham3d.3li, can you try to add the zone back into the account where you purchased the domain name?

how exactly to do this ? the account was suspended and i verify my account and then i register with the same e-mail (as they say to me to do in the e-mail i got from Cloudflare) and i found my domain already in the account with this issue

why Cloudflare has no support at all !
i purchase this domain from Cloudflare they didn’t give it to me for free ! and they should fix the problem they cause of it !

i can’t even believe that’s really happens !
i register a domain with Cloudflare and then i get e-mail from them they ask me for upload my id i didn’t know why that i have 20 domains with other companies no one asked for this so i didn’t see the e-mail until i found my website dosen’t work so i checked my e-mail and i found the e-mail so i contact them and uploaded my id as they requested and i reset the password and when i opened the account i found in the dashboard my domain (pending nameserver update) check screenshot 1 so i go to dns i found dns already changed i press check nameserver nothing happened i opened 2 tickets nothing happened too there’s no support at all i try to reach them on the e-mail they sen to me they just say i lost this domain but my account is back and i can register another one with it !
is they kidding me ?


i feel sick from this issue it’s the worst experience from the day i know about something calling internet it’s been a week now with understanding nothing and no one understand anything and there’s nothing called support i feel i will go mad from this is this real ?

I noticed you have two tickets with Customer Support. I am sorry for the frustration, this situation arises with cf domain when you delete them from your account and try to re-add them to a different account.

In this instance, I see the Registrar team was able to assist on 2517495. Let us know if you encounter further issues.

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