My website it totally broken


Here is my website link

I tried to use flexible SSL to my website and I have researched so many tutorials after changing it my website is totally broken I have already added the Flexible Plugin to WordPress.

Please help me to sort it out. I am too much worried about it.


Your certificate is installed but what you’re seeing is mixed content.

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Looking good now @skyrider.44. If you still see problems, you’ll need to clear your browsers cache to see the changes.

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Yeah Got the Https but what about the padlock. It still missed on the site. Can you please help me out from this ? @Withheld

Speaking of SSL, you dont have a certificate on your server. In that way your site cant be secure.

I got a flexible SSL Certificate

Thats a bad choice and does not protect your site. Flexible only issues a certificate for Cloudflare’s edge but your server is still not protected. You need a certificate on your server.

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