My website it hosted by Cloudflare but I have no record of who they are or how to move it to where i wanted it hosted


My website is hosted on Cloudflare currently but we don’t know why / how it’s there and want to move it to a hosting company where we have some form of control.

Can someone help me?

What is the domain name?

Your website probably isn’t hosted on Cloudflare (unless you are using Pages), but Cloudflare may be being used to protect your existing hosting or provide DNS.

Someone will have set this up for you. You can try to find out here…

If not, assuming you have access to the registrar (and it isn’t Cloudflare), you can just change the nameservers to take control of the DNS, either with another Cloudflare account or a hosting provider.

The website is t-b-p co uk - I still have access to my e-mails which are all via GoDaddy but my old web-developer and the new guys, none of them have ever heard of Cloudflare and no-one knows why the website it hosted there and how it got there?

We just want to move it all to GoDaddy and have it in one place…

Thanks for reaching out.

Your domain is with Godaddy so you just need to change the nameservers back to their default ones to remove Cloudflare from proxying your site.

Make sure you have all the DNS entries needed to point to your hosting - we can’t see where that is due to the Cloudflare proxy so make sure you find out if you don’t know. It may be at Godaddy, UK2 or elsewhere.

The nameservers were moved to Cloudflare during 2020 (the date may not be exact as that’s when the change was noticed, but you can see the changes at which might remind you of who may have done it)…

If you want to access the Cloudflare account (to get DNS records or other data), have you tried any of the recovery methods in the link I gave you above? If the account was set up using the company email, you should be able to get a link sent to get it. If set up by a third party, or it’s in their own account, you won’t be able to get in unless you can contact them.

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