My website isn't secures again , why ?!


This website is still not completely secured , may I know why ?


Ahmed K

Where exactly do you see that it is not secure anymore?
For me it shows it is secure

I’d say the missing certificate on the origin :wink:

For me this looks normal no error. Thats why I asked for “proof” that this is not secure or how he tells this is not

Ohh, @M4rt1n, as long as you don’t look behind the scenes it does look all right :smile:

The encryption mode which must not be named

But how or why does he say it is not secure? I dont get this. Nothing is secure, but how does he think it is not? Did he get any erros while calling his site or how does he think it is not secure?

That I can’t tell, but as long as Flexible is involved all the security is hypothetical anyhow :slight_smile:

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Thats true, just realised right now that he has Flexible set.

I see it in some browsers , may it be a cash ?

Considering your site isn’t secure anyhow - for aforementioned reasons - it really doesn’t matter too much :wink:

I hope to tell me what I am going to do please

You need to configure a valid SSL certificate on your server.

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