My website isn't loading and I'm getting an error message



Error: the domain you requested can not be served at this time. An error report has already been sent to the technical team. Please try again in ten minutes. – This is the error message.

This is the screen that is loading at

since at least 2 pm this afternoon on 10/5/17 which is Thursday. It is now 6:30 pm on the same day, Oct 5, 2017. This happened since I put the site on CloudFlare, but not immediately. Meanwhile, I just now (long after the site went down, hours ago) put the domain name registered at GoDaddy on registrar privacy and registrar lock. So the site going down may be due to it’s being on CloudFlare nameservers, but it was up and running just fine for a whole couple of days like that. Now it is down, I don’t know why.

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That error is coming from your web server itself. If you have access to the Apache logs, that’s the first place you should start looking.

If you still suspect it’s due to Cloudflare, go to Cloudflare’s DNS tab and :grey: your domain and see if that helps.

p.s. I suggest you delete your personal email and phone number contact info in a public post.