My website is unreachable


I’ve just joined cloudflare, configured dns records and still my website is inactive and unreachable through its DNS name. If i try with IP, it works. Any ideas why?


"Website coming soon"

Most likely a DNS propagation issue. What’s the domain?

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Your site appears to be set to :grey: rather than :orange: so SSL will not work as you are bypassing Cloudflare.


well, thats its not like this anymore and its still "coming soon’


SSL changed to Flexible as I saw on 1 topic here and the message keeps saying “Website coming soon”


Probably something like Community Tip - Best Practices For Dealing With "Future Home of Something".

Also, Flexible is not recommended -


The site now loads fine for me with Cloudflare SSL.

{Screenshot of site with URL redacted for privacy}


Ye, seems fixed. Thanks everyone for helping

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