My website is under attack



When anyone tries to log on to my website, a parking page appears blocking anyone from viewing the website. My original service provider says that they are unable to do anything since my domain is pointing to Cloudflare.


What’s the URL?

I also suggest you check Cloudflare’s Firewall tab. That will show you your security levels and a log at the bottom of that screen. Then double check your Page Rules to see if there’s some security setting affecting your site.



It’s quite possible that wishpond is a fully packaged product (like Wix or Squarespace) that doesn’t lend itself to direct IP address connections that Cloudflare uses to reverse proxy your site.

Based on this, I’d say that Cloudflare is not compatible with your hosting provider because of the nature of Wishpond’s service.


I am not at all certain of what you speak of but I will happily investigate. I have been using the Cloudflare service for at least the last 3 months but this anomaly only began within the last 5 days.

How do you suggest I go forward.


I found this: Free Landing Pages Builder by Wishpond
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You have been a great help, I have found a plugin called Coming Soon CC, that seemed to have been creating a conflict and I deleted it. I will continue to do some more checking but for now, I appear to have control back.

You’ve been great, thanks.