My website is suddenly slow

My website is suddenly slow since yesterday. I contacted the server department to handle many things and they said there seems to be a problem with cloudflare.
please help me check this problem

Could you please share the domain/URL?


It is probably NOT Cloudflare.


What makes you think that?

Your site might suddenly slow down for any one of the following reasons

  • There is a sudden spike in traffic
  • HTTPS flood requests or ongoing DDOS attacks
  • Issues with Cloudflare (such as outages)

Note: There are many other causes however, those are more common reasons for sudden degradation in site performance!

For more information visit

Experience and common sense :slight_smile:
In almost all cases it was not Cloudflare, there are just a few cases where rerouting, or any other internal issue was the cause. And if so it would not affect just one website.


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