My website is stuck under I am under attack mode

My website currently going through cloudflare is stuck on I’m Under Attack Mode. If I use the switch to turn off this parasitic option, the cloudflare portal returns an error 524. I know I am not under attack. The moment I turn ON this option cloudflare starts redirecting to my website’s server but the stupid Cloudflare redirect page is displayed.

It is normal for Cloudflare to display the redirect page for validating requests before redirecting traffic to the origin when the “I’m Under Attack” option is switched on. This is more like a challenge page or a queue to all the requests before the traffic is redirected to the origin.

As for the 524 error, all current Cloudflare services look operational. I suggest you contact Cloudflare support if you believe that the problem is from their end.

Thank you Rami, there is something not right with Cloudflare support also - when I send an email to [email protected] I suppose a bot returns an email message stating my issue has been resolved.

Anyway the problem is not the challenge page, I want to get rid of this challenge page - and I cant. When I turn off the I’m Under Attack mode, the redirect to origin never happens - I get 524 error all the time. If I turn the Under Attack mode on - everything works - and I can see the requests are only the ones I initiated. I cant understand why when I turn off this mode, Cloudflare blocks all requests.

I am faced with keeping Under Attack Mode all the time, this is silly. :\\

I suggest you contact Cloudflare through the dashboard and not by sending an email. Contacting the support team via the dashboard will open a ticket for you.


As for the 524 error, I am worried I got you wrong. The error appears on the Cloudflare portal and not when you visit your website, right? In case you are referring to the 524 error when you try to visit the website while the “I’m Under Attack” option is off, this could possibly be related to an overloaded origin or a long-running process on the server. See here.

So, the error 524 shows when Under Attack Mode is OFF and it shows as a Cloudflare portal page, NOT my a page from my real server. I think this is an issue with Cloudflare, because I tried to shut down my server while Under Attack mode is ON with no caching - and the site is down - not visible, when I restart the server still in Under Attack Mode ON, the site loads really quickly (with the nagging redirect page of course showing beforehand). It cant possibly be that I have a long running process on the server, otherwise, the site will show a 524 page also when Under Attack Mode is ON. The 524 page shows only when this mode is OFF.

Can you access the site without passing the requests via Cloudflare? Like using an IP address or a preview link from the server?

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