My website is still down! Please help

My website is down even though Ive checked the settings:

My email is also not working and its been over 24 hrs since propogation.
What’s going on?
Please help!

Emails not working is often caused by the mail record being proxied. For example you might have a record in your Cloudflare DNS called “mail” and the :orange: is probably turned on, this would be preventing emails from being delivered because emails communicate on a different port which isn’t proxied by Cloudflare. Turn off the :orange: proxy for the “mail” record in your DNS and that should help get your emails working again.

As for the website, it appears your website is working through the Cloudflare proxy but your host is returning a 404 error. This would need to be investigated further.

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Yes, Email (A mail record is pointing to the correct IP address and is not proxied in Cloudflare.

My website has been down for over 2 days now and I still dont have a resolution. My domain provider said they can see the website, but I cannot in my browser or phone.

It really is pointless using Cloudflare if I have to renew the SSL every 3 mths. Im better of staying with my Domain provider for a large fee, which saves me from having all of these issues and wasting time.
No one from Cloudflare has even offered to help and there is no phone support.

Well as of about 20 minutes ago when I last checked, your was :orange: Proxied through Cloudflare…and still is, I’ll check again shortly.

There is a configuration problem, this is not a normal experience.

Probing your domain I can reach your website however all pages are returning a 404 error which is likely a configuration error on your host or WordPress. If I open your website assets like images, javascript files and css files they load fine (HTTP 200 OK).

To diagnose whats going wrong will require more information. Are you comfortable posting a screenshot of your DNS page from Cloudflare?

You don’t need to renew the SSL every 3 months. Cloudflare automatically created the front-facing SSL certificates for your domain, and the back-facing SSL certificates (between Cloudflare and your host) can be installed for up to 15 years before expiration.

I changed the A mail record in Cloudflare to DNS Only more than 10 hrs ago.

According to my A mail is still proxied.
Does Cloudflare take more than 10 hrs to propogate?
What info in the DNS page do you need? How can I contact Cloudflare Support?

It’s a matter of diagnosis and figuring out whats wrong. If it is indeed a Cloudflare issue, and sometimes it does happen then we can try. Stuck DNS propagation is a issue I’ve seen a couple of times, very rare, but you can fix it by toggling on/off Cloudflare for your zone.

Go to the dashboard of your zone and you should see a Pause Cloudflare link, press that, wait about 5 minutes then resume Cloudflare. After that, wait about 10 minutes more and try checking your DNS on this site DNS Checker - DNS Check Propagation Tool

Pausing and unpausing Cloudflare- will that mean it will take more than 10 hrs again for my site to get back up?

In rgds to 404 error- I never had any issues with loading the website before I configured this SSL with CF!

Your MX record (used for receiving e-mail) looks fine to me. The mail subdomain is still showing as proxied, so if you don’t want that you’d need to disable proxying.

Propagation (i.e. how fast we distribute your changes to all of our servers world wide) typically completes within 30 seconds. Resolvers may have cached records for longer than that based on the TTL.

As someone else already said, your origin is returning a 404 status code (404 means the page is not found). Unfortunately there is not much we can do on our side to resolve that.

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