My website is so slow *it's based on Bluehost and Wordpress

I am using bluehost and wordpress theme.

my host is located in Utah. and my customers will be coming from east Asia.

If I enter it through the korea or japan, it take 8~10 second to open the main page.

is there any solution for that? should I buy pro version and using caching?

If it’s an eCommerce site, you’ll need to re-think your server setup. Something faster and closer to your main customers.

If it’s not eCommerce (WooCommerce/something with a shopping cart), then APO would be a good choice at $5/month.

it is an ecommerce site (woocommerce)

The reason I singled out eCommerce is that because once a person starts using a shopping cart, or logs in, Cloudflare can no longer cache the pages, as they have custom content somewhere on the screen specifically coded in the HTML for that user.

Because of this, each requests for the HTML page itself has to go back to the server. That’s usually the biggest slowdown.

Other than the HTML, Cloudflare will cache the CSS/JS/Images close to the users, but that won’t make up for a server that takes 8-10 seconds to respond to HTML requests.

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