My website is slow, please assist me

Hello please I own a website that I decided to use Cloudflare for on the free service. I have noticed that my website is not as fast as it used to be before I decided to use Cloudflare. It’s an e-commerce website and speed is very important to me. It’s a WordPress website with some heavy plugins like woo commerce and Dokan. Please assist me,

Hello user8541, I have done a very basic look into your website and it would appear that there are several problems that are occurring before Cloudflares network is even involved.

Please remember Cloudflare will not fix existing problems on your site you need to do some work on your site getting rid of the 400 and 403 errors on your site run some diagnostics to find out what other faults you have then optimise it’s performance as much as you can then put Cloudflare in front to make it that bit better.

I am happy to help you fix these issues if you wish. The community would need to know a bit more about your site first, obviously we know its Wordpress and Woocommerce based E-Commerce store. First thing we would need to know would be is your host a shared host, VPS or dedicated provider?

Thank you for your feedback, I use a shared host. Where did you locate
the errors, I can’t find any

Quoting aj11 [email protected]:

I found the errors with Chrome Developer tools you would get more accurate results if you put Cloudflare into development mode first

The waterfall chart showed me your site took 2.6 seconds before it even starts to load which is down to your shared host. I would highly recommend you move to atleast a vps if not a dedicated server.

I recommend this for the following reasons

  1. performance is significantly better
  2. it can be setup specifically to your needs
  3. PCI Compliance I’ve never known on a shared host
  4. much more secure

I would be happy to give you a refferal link for who my company uses for my customers websites.

Thank you, am switching to developer mode now

please share, I am from Nigeria and my business has not grown so much,
but i want to get my website up to speed

Paris is far, remember am in Nigeria

Looks like my previous message has been flagged and removed.

I’m sure there is some good VPS or dedicated server providers in Nigeria the ones Google keeps showing me tend to be more Cape Town or Johannesburg.

is their a danger using a VPS far from me

I believe you had an undisclosed advertisement in that post. This is typically seen as unethical.

Which post, i only shared a link to my website

I was referring to @EntrepreneurAJ’s post

ok thank you

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