My website is showing Error 524 (Godaddy, Wordpress)

I am using a GoDaddy hosting and Cloudflare on a WordPress site. My website is around 6 months old and has 100 articles or so. I am seeing that my website is down for 30 minutes from yesterday. It has happened 2-3 times. I could see in C admin that my “Physical memory is almost full” and I/O is full everytime my website is down. How to solve this problem. I can attach error screenshot thanks.

You need to check what is the source of resource consumption (usually some requests) and check if it is normal through logs.

A 524 is a timeout error:

It means the server didn’t respond to the Cloudflare requests in time.

It is probably related to server overload given the

message, you should look into this at your host.

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