My Website is showing a 403 Error message every time i try to access it from VPN with US location

Whenever i try to access my website(Geekconsumers) with a US location it is giving me a 403 error message. When i access it from my country(India) location it is working fine. Even though i have my hosting DNS server in North America. I have asked my hosting provider to help with this issue and they advised me to add some IP and all. My DNS settings right now are the same as mentioned in the image. Please help me.

Hello there,

Are you using Cloudflare for DNS management?

It looks to be IP has been blocked.

Where’s that?
I shall drop a #CommunityTip for you for the solution:

If you are a CF user, or otherwise, you can look for more answers related by :search: in the forum as well. Hope that helps!


I see your A record is not proxied. Your site is not serving through CF. This is necessary :orange:

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