My website is secure on Cloudflare and it doesnt display the secure lock on the site

My website is: [My site](
I would appreciate how to get this is resolved by displaying the secure lock on the site when the setting in Cloudflare is up to date.

You need to install a certificate on your Origin web server. You can use a Cloudflare Origin cert if the web server will always be behind Cloudflare.

The DNS records in Cloudflare are configured :grey:. Once you have a Certificate on your Origin web server, set the record for www to be :orange:, and set the SSL mode to be Full Strict.

Also, the target of your MX record is currently :orange:, which will cause issues. The target of the MX needs to be grey.


You have mixed content issues, fix those.

(For some more details click on the auto-link in the first sentence.


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