My website is returning an error code 1000

My main website is returning error code 1000. The subdomain is functioning. I need to get my main website back up but your instructions are not specific. What is causing the error code? I have not changed anything with the DNS record for the main website.

What causes is: your DNS records in the CF pointing to Cloudflare IP address. You may need to talk to your host. The detailed steps are in the following Tutorial

Which doc you’re referring to?

You all are giving me the run around. My host is telling me I need to talk to CF and CF is telling me that I need to talk to my host. Which is it? No one is helping me.

What is your Host?
Your Host probably does not know what this Error means. But in this Case the Error means that you (most likely) tried to point your DNS Record to a Cloudflare IP which is not allowed. You need to get the IP Address for your Site from your Host

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