My website is reloading non-stop

Hey there! I’m experiencing a problem with loading my website. It keeps reloading constantly, pages load not all the content and my dashboard behaves weirdly. What can cause it?

Normally (for what that’s worth) this is something like you’re using Cloudflare’s ‘Always use HTTPS’ feature which will redirect access from HTTP->HTTPS, but your backend is doing something to the contrary like Wordpress trying to display on HTTP so redirecting access on HTTPS->HTTP. Then you get stuck in a redirect loop.

Thank you, Saul! I really appreciate your feedback! I just realised I set my home page as a shop page in WooCommerce. That’s why. So amateur. Sorry to disturb you

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No worries, glad it’s all sorted. :success:

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Hey, Saul! Sorry to disturb you again. My problem with the reloading is back and it seems like you were right in your first answer. Do you know how it can be fixed?

Hi @pavel.kotelevsky, sounds like the redirect @saul mentioned needs to be identified and removed. If your ssl on the SSL/TLS app is set to full it expects a certificate on the backend (origin server at your hosting provider). What’s your ssl setting on the SSL/TLS app?

I switched the Always Use HTTPS function and everything seems fine now.


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