My website is redirecting to a spam site

I contacted namecheap support and said I need to disable cloudflare on my site to stop the redirection. Now I stop it and it doesn’t redirect anymore. Why is it redirecting now? Before it is ok


Sorry, it is Cloudflare is disable so your may see a not secure warning page, since I’m using free ssl from cloudflare.

Let me know if you can see the website and I will enable the cloudflare again to see the redirection

Are you referring to this redirect to

Considering you have Cloudflare paused and the redirect still takes place, this is something that needs to be on your server.

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I see that domain only is on mobile. when I visit using pc, the domain is different from what you saw. Being said, how to fix this redirection?

I understand but I guess that redirect still should not be there, should it?

As for a fix, that something you need to fix on your server I am afraid. Thats not related to Cloudflare.

Alright. I will contact again namecheap support. Thank you.

You can certainly do that, though I guess it is not necessarily in their responsibility either, unless you have managed webhosting with them. That is something your web developer should fix.

Just to give you a start, the redirect must happen somewhere in

If you block that file the redirect disappears. That seems to be a cached file, I cant tell how it ended up there and you should probably check your entire server for whether it was compromised but for starters you might want to delete the file and recreate it (or whatever else is necessary in a Wordpress context), that might fix it.

I don’t know how to check this one as I have only basic knowledge about WordPress. Can you tell me how did you check it? BTW, I removed the file that you mention and also disable the plugin but it seems it is still redirecting.

My previous comment really was just to give a start. The issue is unfortunately beyond the scope of the forum here and should be looked into by your web developer. You can certainly also ask in general purpose forums like Reddit or StackExchange.

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