My website is on port 8880 but when i do it won't load but works

How do i make it so i only enter (without the port :8880 at the end?) and it shows my website that is in port 8880

i can’t use port 80 because my ISP block it

Looks like you need to add a subdomain and route to your server with a gray cloud setting on the panel, or enable Cloudflare spectrum.

If your provider blocks port 80, you probably shouldn’t be hosting a website. If they find out, you could get banned and possibly loose data.

Consider finding another host. There are many always free tiers available for all cloud providers. Oracle Cloud is great, and so it Amazon Web Services if you just need a free VPS-like server for hosting a website.

If it’s just static, then you can use Github pages and route with your domain.

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thanks! i think i will just buy a VPS

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