My website is offine and non-responsive

My website offline. I have been advised to contact your Support



Your server is down. Pause Cloudflare

and contact your host for details.

Okay thanks. Let me do that

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@sandro - Cloudflare and the domain works fine on the server. I have contacted namecheap support. Please advise

Ehm, didn’t I just suggest to pause Cloudflare?

Done pausing it

Does not seem to be paused. What exactly did you do?

Advanced Actions - Paused

That would be correct. Can you post a full page screenshot of

Hmm, it does say it is paused. But it still resolves the proxies

Can you post a screenshot of

Respectively, which nameservers does it mention on that page?

You will be most likely configuring the wrong account. Which nameservers does it mention?

daphne.ns. and jaxson.ns.

Yes, these are not the nameservers your domain is configured for, hence that account does not control the domain.

You either use these nameservers for your domain or you use the other account.

Thanks and let me work on it

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