My website is not yet active on Cloudflare


It’s been over 4 days since my previous provider GoDaddy confirmed the change of nameserver to here but it’s still coming up as pending on Cloudflare. Looking to make this site live soon so they can start selling.

It looks like you can get to it from most places but there are still ISPs/DNSs that wont reach it.

Any help is appreciated.

Was the site active before you added it to cloudflare? Specifically, were the previous nameservers responsive in order for us to verify the domain? I wonder if the regulations around European registrars mentioned in point 6 of the follow tip is causing this issue?

Thanks for getting back to me.

My original registrar was Openhost NZ, where it was fully active but they were not great. Then I domain transferred to GoDaddy where I already had a fully active domain It was then fully active on GoDaddy after a couple of days, NS responsive, which is when I changed the nameservers to Cloudflare.

I don’t know much about EU regulations on domains but are you saying might be part of those regulations?

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You have DNSSEC enabled for that domain. You need to turn that off any time you change name servers.

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I cant remember ever having it enabled which is the strange thing. I’ve contacted both registrars and both have said they cant see it ever being enabled.

I saying that I went to my Cloudflare DNS tab to see DNS sec was pending on a DS record, cannot remember enabling it in there. Is it possible that’s giving me my grief even though it’s pending?

For now, anywhere you see DNSSEC, turn it off. As you can see from the chart. Cloudflare has one DNSSEC value, and has another, courtesy of some registrar. But Clouflare can’t fix that part – your registrar has to do it.

I’ve confirmed OpenHost NZ do not offer DNSSEC, and I’ve never purchased/enabled it through GoDaddy.

Fingers crossed disabling in Cloudflare will fix this issue in a day or so!

Thanks for help!

Not likely. The diagram shows that is telling the world to use a DNSKEY that Cloudflare will never match. But if it magically works, I’ll have learned something new.

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