My website is not working!

Hello everybody,
Sorry in advance if the question is not new.
Today I signed up on Cloudflare and registered for free SSL for my domain.
Fortunately, the certificate has been issued and activated after about an hour.
Before issuance of the certificate I didn’t have any problems connecting to my website.The problem is since the certificate is activated I see different ‘Insecure Connection’ warnings in different browsers.
By the way, I have orange clouds in my DNS settings.
How can I get around this problem?
Any help and assistance is really appreciated.

It’s probably Mixed Content: Some resources in your web page are coded with HTTP instead of HTTPS. You can try to get a list.

Or post your domain name here for more feedback.

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thanks for your quick response. I checked the site on the linked you mentioned. there are no mixed contents. Anyway the problem is solved for the moment. I think It needed some time for the certificate to be deployed. thank you!

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