My website is Not Visible

My website: red wot .com is not visible on any browser. I have set up only 1 .php page and 1 .jpg file - It’s a website “under construction” type.

Have searched on net but didnt find any correct answer(s).

I can ping my website and getting respond, but my website is not visible. Just blank page.

No error’s to see.

Trying to find some help here. isn’t a registered domain. Did you misspell it?

Screenshots/more information would be helpful as well.

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Looks to be hyphenated.

Your index.php should be renamed to index.html. Then it should work.

Either that, or it really is PHP, but your server isn’t configured to load a .php file for web pages:


It’s red - wot .com , sry it didnt aloud me to post a link, so i had to post it like that.

Thx! I’ll go trough this guide. It need’s to be .php as the website it self will be.

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