My website is not showing on Bing search engine

My website is not showing on bing search engine. I checked with bing and found that BingBot is blocked by cloudflare fire wall. Can anyone suggest me some solution of this problem. I can’t find anything on the dashboard. Where i need to check weather bing bot blocked by cloudflare or not?

Thanks in advance

There could be a way to allow Microsoft ASN in the IP Access Rules, if so, but I’d say that’s a risky move, if so.

Despite, Bingbot is verified one and allowed as follows:

May I ask which Cloudflare plan are you using?

I wonder if, could you double-check for some possible challenged/blocked firewall events in the firewall events if you navigate to the Cloudflare dashboard → Security → Overview and lookup for Firewall events for the past 24hours or so. Once you find them, click on a particular one to find more details about it (user-agent, IP, HTTP version …). If yes, could you share some details which service was triggered that blocked you?

Thanks for your reply. I am using free plan.

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