My website is not reached from some clients

Some of my clients told me that my web application is not reached on the Chrome browser and the web application is invalid certificate on the FireFox browser on the same time that I can access my web application from my side and some of clients
this issue is happened more times from the different clients but not all the time on these clients
Also , When I used Proxy Extension on Google Chrome it’s working fine but also some times is not reached with the Proxy Extension
Can you help me to check this issue and fix it
after reviewing DNS records is right

Is there any more information that you can share about the browser versions, locations, etc. of those who are experiencing issues? What specifically do they see and what specific errors are presented?

As of time of posting, I’m able to hit your site using every modern browser, in the UK.

These are screen shots from the client side
the web application give me this error in the same time that I access the system from different locations
Also when I activate proxy extension on Google chrome I found it is working fine
I hope any one can help me with this issue

Any one can help

What part of the world is having this connection trouble?

Egypt , Cairo

I was afraid that. There is not a simple answer right now.

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