My website is not openning at all for some people

Website type: Just 1 HTML page (not Wordpress).
Hosting: Bluehost

I joined Cloudflare 2 days ago, and DNS was updated yesterday. My website stopped to work for half of my friends after that.

Kindly ask you to help me to resolve the issue.

What is your domain?

You have an invalid DNSSEC configuration.

Either disable DNSSEC at your registrar, or update it with the DNSSEC values provided by Cloudflare:

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Thanks for support!

I asked my domain registrar (BlueHost) to update DNSSEC and DS Records from Cloudflare, and they did it, however now they told me that it is not propagated on Cloudflare side.

Can you help me to propagate it?

To change dnssec setting from bluehost end the domain nameservers should point to bluehost since its not pointing to us dnssec setting needs to be check from current domain nameservers providers end which is cloudflare

I can see that Bluehost added 3 DS records.          86400   IN      DS      36932 13 4 CF331002EF53197E9496E65B62D92AADFA84E72DE37EDB76364AE6C0 960DBD4DF173C610ECFBD6058121B658B0C761B4          86400   IN      DS      36932 13 2 173708B262D212AE0A4CC82C7A048C7409251748C68B15C66370833D 286161DE          86400   IN      DS      36932 13 1 AF1AFCF1CD656F54F7244CBF2413156F4EBE2FE6

However, none of these is the correct value that you were given by Cloudflare, which should be:

dig +short cds
2371 13 2 7F0D04DC63154252FBD475B9029AC1828634B58E6F69A7037BDDEE5B 30D1B20B

This seems to be a very common problem with Bluehost.

That’s not correct. Your registrar is responsible for setting the DS record, no matter where your nameservers point.

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