My website is not loading / domain forwarding issue


I’ve got a problem with my primary domain. My website works fine when I type in “domainname . com” in the search bar, but when I just try to add “www” my website is not loading.

I don’t know what’s the issue, so wanted to redirect them automatically to https:// version where it’s working.

The problem is that I’ve got some new DNS records added from my web hosting provider (EasyWP) and email provider (Google) that made a mess in my records and setting up page rules doesn’t work.

I’d appreciate it if someone could help me solve this and guide me through how to fix this.


If you want to redirect HTTP → HTTPS, make sure Always-Use HTTPS and Automatic HTTPS Rewrites are turned on in your settings.

To redirect www. to non www, make a Page Rule of

Forwarding URL, Permanent Redirect
Redirect URL$1

Change to your own domain

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If you want your site to load on www version, make sure to add CNAME (click the link for more information) record.


thanks for helping me! :slight_smile: Problem was solved. :slight_smile:

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