My website is not loading after enable Coudflare SSL certificate

After expired my NameCheap SSL certificate, I config my website with cloud flare and install the Cloudflare SSL certificate. now my website not loading. it takes like 2-5 mins to load. but website without css and some images.
website worked perfectly before use Cloudflare SSL certificate.

Currently, SSL/TLS encryption mode is set as Full,

If I set it to Flexible, there has an error message " This page isn’t working" “ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS” in google chrome.

can you please help me.!
Thank you!

That’s an issue. You either need to renew that certificate or get any other valid certificate onto your server (Cloudflare for example offers Origin certificates, the search has more on that). Also make sure your encryption mode is “Full strict” and not just “Full”.

And yes, your certificate expired on Saturday.

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Whne I make it as “Full Strict” I got this error.

Error 526 : Invalid SSL certificate

is that mean I have to renew SSL certificate or buy from another place?

My developer said Cloudflare give a free SSL certificate. so that’s why we connect the website with Cloudflare.

Of course, because your certificate is expired.

As I already mentioned, you need to renew that first. And no, your developer is wrong, Cloudflare does not provide such a certificate, you still need a certificate on your server too. Maybe a new developer :slight_smile:

Well…technically, Cloudflare does offer a free certificate (the Origin one you mentioned), but it’s only good for sites proxied by Cloudflare.

Here’s a link for your developer so they can install a free Cloudflare certificate on your server:

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That’s not the certificate the developer referred to :wink:

So again, the expired certificate needs to be fixed first, as does the encryption mode, and then things should work fine as far as I can tell.

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