My website is not displaying properly

I have deployed my website in Google Cloud Run and everything is fine. But after I use Cloudfare DNS for domain mapping, my website shows the same page 2 times. (My website:

I have tried many ways to solve the problem, for example:

  1. Purge Cache: Purge Everything
  2. Delete the mapped domain and re-add it in Cloud Run Domain mappings.
  3. I’ve deleted the Cloud Run Service and recreated and mapped the domain.

All 3 methods didn’t work and it still shows the same wrong page.

The only way to get the website to display correctly is to turn on Development mode.

I’m not sure where this problem is coming from Google Cloud Run or Cloudflare.
thanks for all answers.

It seems to load all right.

If this is not the correct content, it will be best to pause Cloudflare and make sure everything loads fine.

Once it does it should work all right on Cloudflare as well.

Thanks for the answer and it worked. Can you explain more why Pause Cloudflare and it works? And in the future, can I turn on Cloudflare?

It’s currently not paused. Does the screenshot I posted not show the right content?

@sandro I have paused and tried clicking unpause now it is working properly. The screenshot you took still doesn’t display properly because usually a website has a menu bar. Now you can enter the website again and you should see a menu bar.

Can you pause it?

Okay, I’ve paused.

It actually does load the menu via Cloudflare as well, but then (probably) JavaScript hides it, respectively shifts the video up. Maybe you still have some JavaScript cached on Cloudflare. I’d clear the cache on Cloudflare for starters.


It will be either something JavaScript or CSS related.

Can you disable all Auto Minification at

I seem to have tracked it down to That code seems to perform some action which shifts your menu when loaded via Cloudflare. That’s possibly related to said minification, though the details should be up to your web developer at this point.

I have closed it now. For all Auto Minify: JavaScript, CSS and HTML

Appears to have worked.

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