My website is not coming. It is showing database is missing

My website domain:
Pointing to
Suddenly my website is missing database named:

I contacted to the hosting authority but they asked me to contact you. Please help me if you have any database backup since 1 day older.

Your database is only managed by your host. Cloudflare is not involved and does not control that.

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That means hosting company can provide me database backup right? But now they are blaming cloudflare for not taking backup. I am in trouble now

If they have a backup then probably. Cloudflare is not doing anything with database or anything related to that, they simply are a web proxy. Your host should know that and they fact they seemingly don’t would make me consider switching to a host which knows more about his business :slight_smile:

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Exactly. Now they are playing blame game. it is not tolerable. I am contacting back to them. Thank you

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