My website is no longer being served as HTTPS

I just set up my email records. I followed the instructions given in the video here:

The MX record is fine, but I get an error next to the A record.

The site is no longer served as HTTPS. But yesterday it was working fine.

Does the error in the A record affect HTTPS?

Hi @andrewbrundle,

Is your email working now? Can you share the domain name and the error you are seeing on the site?

Hi. The domain is:

See how it’s not being served as HTTPS. I can’t confirm if email is working as it’s not my email account.

Regardless, the site was delivered as HTTPS when I set it up yesterday. But since I added the MX and A records, the site is iHTTP rather than HTTPS…

You domain doesn’t point to Cloudflare, so it can’t be causing the issue.

The nameservers point to

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Yes, I see that now. We tested your service yesterday and someone else has changed it back.

Sorry to waste your time.

No problem, please just let us know if you want to try Cloudflare again and have any questions.

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