My website is loading so slow?

Hi . I am facing a problem very slowly loading in my website , four days ago. I do not know what is the cause of the problem. A while ago I changed the domain name. And also hosting from Google to GoDaddy. But the server is the same as from DigitalOcean. after i added cloudflare the website become fast. i see The website is loading quickly in my computer some time like now . But when I try to test the time load speed in some of the most important sites (I have attached some pictures for time load), I find that the site’s load speed is very slow, about a minute, which is unreasonable. Even in some checking website if it is down, I find that is down and not working at all ??

Frankly, I am confused, I do not know the cause of this problem. Please help and thank you

TTFB is in the 30 second range. I’m 99.9% sure this slowdown isn’t due to Cloudflare. You’d need to test it without Cloudflare to troubleshoot. Either use “Pause Cloudflare on Site” from the Overview page, or do some command-line testing against your origin server.

thank you for your response . i Pause Cloudflare on Site . as you said . and test but my website still slow . so what is the reason ??

If it’s still slow with Cloudflare paused, then I’m afraid this is a server issue. I double-checked, and it’s a 32 second TTFB to your Apache server.


ok should i contact digitalocean about this problem ??

I doubt Digital Ocean will help you solve your configuration issue. They can verify if there’s a server malfunction, but they won’t help you troubleshoot beyond that.

so how can i troubleshoot this issue and solve it please ??

You’ll have to try server-specific sites, such as and

could you help me with this errors I keep receiving in the last 24 hours: error 524 - 521
so now the problem is from cloudflare . Are there solutions? Or does going back to setting the original server and deleting Cloudflare fix the problem ??

( Note that when I enable Under Attack Mode, the site turns on but is very slow loading but when I disable Under Attack Mode. The site is not running and i receive errors message 524/521 ?? )

Hi @abdelho.10 if you’re still encountering issues after following the steps from Support to open port 443 and whitelist cloudflare IPs, you can :search: here for #CommunityTip 521 and #CommunityTip 524 for other quick fix ideas.

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Yes, sir, I still suffer from this problem. What I do not understand is that during the day the site is normal and fast. But before midnight the site starts very slowly and does not work, which is what is happening now. As if a deliberate attack on the site. I’m really confused?

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After reading your information if your site working fine in the day-time and then night-time having issues see what your load is… Check your CPU or Memory usages : Plus check if you do any backups around the night-time? This isn’t cloudflare problem so you should contact your provider.

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thanks for your reply
i did some test . i find that if i off under attack mode my website goes so slow and down . but when i enable under attack mode. the site back to normal ?? what that means

It sounds like your site is getting DOSed by bots.

Why did you switch hosting to Godaddy? Their systems are notoriously slow.
They put vast numbers of customers on a single machine.
And their “technical” support are generally unqualified and do not have the training to solve customer problems. Their solution to every performance problem is to try to sell the customer a more expensive plan.

You can get round some of these problems by ensuring that Cloudflare is caching your site (You need to create some cloudflare page rules to do this).

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