My website is loading slow

my website is very slow i don’t know why
i tested the website in gtmatrix
there two problem make my website slow :

please help me

Do you have something hogging up your resources? An overloaded web server? Is traffic proxyed to go through cloudflare?

Your server is actually bottlenecking. Try investigate server load issues.

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What is bottlenecking? I know I did not make this post but what is bottlenecking

So it’s basically limiting the resources that are usable?

It’s like, any components in your whole system or network has slowed down the process.

Imagine you have a very fast network speed with 1 Tbps of bandwidth, but you are using a server with 1 CPU core and 512MB of RAM. This is what we call it as “bottleneck”

So it slows down the site and can return 5xx errors like 522?

This is one of them.

524 is another

Another example is like,

You have a server with 24 CPU cores and 128GB of RAM, but you are using traditional spinning disk (HDD) as your storage medium. As HDD is very slow compared to SSD, HDD is going to bottleneck the system.

actually i using shared hosting ( pro plan ) with bluehost
i contact then many time and tell them about this issue and they keep replying me about optimize your web site but i think the problem with them not from my website

Wait what does a 1xxx error mean (EX: 5xx error means server error)

Sometimes it could be the website itself causing the issues (e.g. too many plugins in WordPress site, unoptimized backend code, etc.)

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i don’t have many plugins and i made many websites before but i used vps server but for this i am using sherd hosting. yesterday the server was slower because they ware minting the server , they just don’t want to admit it the problem from their side

one thing i just want an explain in the first image in url column why there are two of (/)
one is fast and below is slow ?

First one is 301 redirect. It could be HTTP to HTTPS redirect, and it’s usually pretty fast (as the response is usually less than one kilobyte)

@manager5 it is exactly how @erictung told. The origin Server is bottlenecking. I did some tests and came to the conclusion, that the TTFB (from where I life) to your origin Server is about 500ms which is ok, depending on where he is related.
To test this I took a static file and appended a new query string at the end:

It will land a cf-cache-status: MISS and therefore has to be answered by your origin Server.

Your TTFB (for the dynamic page) is at about 17s which is very high. But the difference (TTFB-Dynamic - TTFB-Static which is 17s - 0.5s = 16.5s) 16.5s are getting wasted at your origin Server generating the Page.

So I would recommend you installing a static Cache, if your site is static. If your site can not be static (without breaking functionality) I would recommend a good cache which will speed up your dynamic sites.

As you use shared hosting you have to use what you get serverside from bluehost. So implementing serverside caching tools to speed up dynamic content probably not gonna work.

Then I can just recommend APO which is CloudFlares solution for exactly these cases and make to speed up your WordPress site worldwide :slight_smile:

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