My website is live but it says my domain is not registered

Hi, I’m a freelance web developer and recently I’ve been facing this issue when ever I try to add a (.in) based domain 90% of the time it says domain is not registered when it is registered and the website is also live.

For example this domain , website is also live on this domain : -

But it says domain is not registered. This issue is happening most of the time with .in domains since last month.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

Hi ,

I think this can help you solving your issue

Your website is using InfintyFree Nameservers

I’d highly appreciate if you stopped posting that misleading article. As already mentioned, it provides bad advice.

The full setup guide is at


Ok Sorry !

use registry default name servers when you add your domain to Cloudflare because it is propagated previously.
then using name servers shown in DNS section go change domain name severs in registrant account

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