My website is having security error

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i am facing a security problem. cloud you please help to solve this issue? when people click this URL they see some certificate expire or security error. But wen they click root url it is working.

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You do

You need to configure a proper certificate on your server and need to talk to your host about that.

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thank you for your reply. i did hosting by my self. but i am not a tech person. is there any guidance for me how i can fix this issue?

You best talk to your host about that, they should provide you with a certificate.

Otherwise you can check out or

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thank you. my domain is click with cloudflare and groovefunnel. so i dont have any hosting company. i think i have to check cloudflare setting. any advise for that?

Your content will be hosted somewhere and that’s your host and that’s whom you need to talk to.

Just like @sandro I am also getting a security error warning message!

Since this issue is related to an SSL certificate, you might want to check out the following article

thank you

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