My website is hacked

My website is exactly my Wordpress site running when suddenly error 524.
The server’s CPU runs to 1% to 5%.
Then I went to Cloudflare and turned on Under Attack Mode.
Wait about 1 minute, the website is normal.
Before I was often attacked by DDOS, the server CPU was 100% overloaded, leading to the website error 524.
Now that I am not overloaded by the server CPU, but I am reduced to below activity, what kind of attack is that.
Please help me thanks.

We can’t tell you what kind of attack you sustained - you are the server operator, you need to check your access / error logs to see what happened. will have metrics & an activity log of any requests which Cloudflare blocked.

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Thank you very much for your reply.
I have blocked the firewall with some countries.
I blocked xmlrpc.
I have blocked 2 firewalls in the past 1 week.
Like I just got 524 sites in 24 hours.

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