My Website is hacked by WalletConnect how to fix this

My website is hacked by WalletConnect and this is showing now walletconnect theme and my theme is different how can i fix this issue i am on free plan please guide me how can i inform to cloudflare management regarding this issue and i am facing this issue just 30 mint before please guide.


This sounds like a hosting issue, as Cloudflare doesn’t alter site content. Have you contacted your host?

thanks for reply. I have contacted already and they said "I see that the domain is pointing to, The bluehost IP is So you need to contact the cloudflare support and check. so now how can i explain them properly please guide

That’s very poor guidance. Cloudflare is not your host.

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thanks for reply. could you please guide me what i do next

Unfortunately, the best advice I can give is to reach out to your host again and tell them that Cloudflare is your CDN, not your host.

Your hosting should deal with what happens in your server, such as compromisations, hacks, etc. Cloudflare can help mitigate DDoS attacks, making your website faster and so on.

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ok thanks i try once again as you suggested

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If BlueHost refuses to help you because your site is Proxied by Cloudflare, then you’ll have to Pause Cloudflare. This is in the lower right corner of the Overview page for your domain at, and give it five minutes to take effect.

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Hi, please provide main domain, thanks.

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