My website is getting slower when I turn on proxies

MY website is slower after I turned on the proxies. Where could be the problem? The TTFB is also slower. I want t use Cloudflare to reduce the loading time in Asia but actually is slower.

Thats not how this works. To make your point that something is slower now, you need to provide testresults from before and after proxying. Then a comparisson can be made. But just providing tests from now does not prove it’s slower when proxied.

Also if you want really fast TTFB you probably need to activate “Cache Everything”, so also the dynamic requests can be cached. That will be important if you want Cloudflare to speed your site up when your origin server is not close.

If you are using Wordpress APO could be an option.

Sorry, this is the speed with proxies turned off.
The previous post is showing speed with proxies turned on.

Can you advise me where can I find “Cache Everything”?

Thanks, that helped.
Are you able to share your domain, so I can inspect it?

Well we first have to determinate if your site is able to be fully cached by Cloudflare without breaking it’s function.

Sure -

Since it is Wordpress I would still recommend APO over Cache Everything:

APO can basically do the same level of caching as Cache Everything, but it’s optimized for Wordpress and therefore will perform better overall.

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Thank you very much, I will try it and will write here the result.

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