My website is getting redirected to camp

My domain name is https ://
It is getting redirected to [Preformatted text](
I tried to remove and re add the sites as well. I have checked all dns are same. i dont know how to fix this issue all my other sites also faced same issue so i deleted them. And i changed the password added 2factor but still this persists.

Your account has likely been compromised. Check if you have any added page rules or redirect rules here…

You can see what has changed and when in your audit log…

As well as changing password and adding 2FA, you should change your global API key and tokens, and look for any added tokens…


I followed your instructions. I came across this. Damn thanks for telling me know. I have taken all the necessary precautions. Got all the websites back. This is how it looked like. Have attached the ss
Thanks sjr appreciate your help! <3

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