My website is down with a Error 522 and I am not tech savvy

I put this topic up yesterday but whatever reason it had finished. My website is down with a Error 522 and my host says it is Cloudflare fault and Cloudflare say it is my hosts fault. Please don’t send any tech lingo that a novice like myself doesn’t understand. I need proper solutions that are simple for me to understand. Someone said yesterday it was a server issue with my host. So by server do they mean nameserver? But my nameserver is with Clouflare. My ssl is with Cloudflare. Also, I tried to send this message 12 hours ago but Cloudflare out me on a slow message thing where I can’t message for hours. I’m not sure why they do that. I have an urgent matter to take care of and these things block me from making progress. So if you write and I don’t respond it is because Cloudflare again have put me on the slow message thing.

First of all you’re going to have to know who your web host is. Unless you’re using Cloudflare Pages (and you’d probably know if you were), Cloudflare is not your web host. If you don’t know it should be possible to figure it out from your DNS entries.

Please post the domain name in question and a screenshot of your DNS page, also, please flip the DNS entries to grey-clouded for now to bypass Cloudflare’s proxy to simplify troubleshooting.

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