My website is down. What can I do!

Hi, I’m having a bit of trouble with my website as of Friday night 5/15/2021 my site started to redirect all traffic to an “Error 520” page Ray ID: 650afcd3bcbb366d What do I do about this. It says it is an unknown error. Anything Helps and Than you in advance.
Sincerely, Baran Gorgulu

Check the serverlogs and see what is wrong with your prigin server/webserver

Are you also hosting with GoDaddy? This is the 4th message I’ve seen and most if not all look like they are with GoDaddy. I’m also on GoDaddy and started to see this issue over the weekend. It is getting worse. GoDaddy says it is a Cloudflare issue. I saw a similar issue in 2018 that never got resolved other than people having to either stop using cloudflare or stop using godaddy. I’m not sure which end made a change over the weekend causing these problems.

Some of the people look like they are hosted with OVH. I’m not sure if they have a similar configuration to GoDaddy, but if the problem is at different hosts, I am now thinking maybe it is a cloudflare issue rather than just godaddy.

Yes, I am using godaddy. I cant figure out which one is causing it.

Are you still having outages? Ever since 7pm cst when my site was down for maintenance for 3 minutes, there hasn’t been a single outage that I’ve seen. Hopefully godaddy changed whatever setting was breaking things.

Nope, Looks like it’s all fixed now must have been happening across lots of GoDaddy users.

The problem has now returned for me. Very frustrating. I also wouldn’t be surprised if GoDaddy doesn’t do much to fix the problem. Their support basically told me to stop using cloudflare and buy one of their expensive SSL certificates (or upgrade my hosting account to one that would include an SSL certificate). It is so stupid to have to pay for SSL when almost all other hosts offer it free with Lets Encrypt. This particular hosting platform the site is on does not have any way to add a 3rd party SSL certificate. Hopefully they do the right thing and fix the issue, but they don’t see any problem on their end.

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