My Website is DOWN - Squarespace DNS / Cloudfare Issues

Today my Squarespace site went down, claiming DNS connection issues.
Has anyone else had this problem? SS cant figure it out but Im sure it’s their issue.

All of my website pages have this error message. Please help!

Unfortunately, SquareSpace refuses to support domains using Cloudflare.

All I can suggest is you use the “Pause Cloudflare on Site” option from the Overview page, lower right corner. Then give it five minutes to take effect.

Then see if your site still works. It’s possible they changed the IP addresses of your site. MORE: As I’ve determined it’s a server issue, leave Cloudflare paused until this is resolved.

EDIT: It’s not going to work. I just tested direct connetions and it returns a 500 Internal Service Error on all four IPv4 addresses. You need to resolve this with SquareSpace. Good luck…

Thank you so much. Bummed I’ll have to disconnect my Cloudfare but at least Ill have a website.

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